our mission:

Inside Out Project | Be the Change is a participatory art project uniting 15 countries and 26 cities around the world, which aims to visually share the stories of those who believe in change and living by example a more sustainable life, with respect for their natural and human environment.  The Inside Out Project began with a wish by TED prize winner, JR, “to turn the world inside out”.

Inside Out Project is a collaboration between TED Talks & French street artist JR, started in March 2011. It is a global, large-scale participatory art project, driven by the purpose of transforming messages of personal identity into artistic works. Inside Out aims to give anyone and everyone a voice through his or her image. Black and white photographic portraits are pasted in the streets of cities around the world, revealing and sharing the untold stories of everyday people. More on the Inside Out Project here.

Since JR’s initial project launched, the concept has grown and 20 countries around the world have decided to unite and simultaneously paste 5,000 portraits in the streets of their cities to draw attention to one issue: climate change. Thus the new action ‘Inside Out Project | Be the Change’ was born.

The action was born from the realization that climate change is not just about about global warming, but about the human stories that unite us as world citizens. The global concept is about bringing people together from different fields, backgrounds and interests to create a unified message which comes directly from the people for the people. Now more than ever, we have a responsibility to share our hopes and dreams in order to inspire real change.