Juarez | DF | Mexico

Group Leaders: Monica Lozano  | Judith González Ham

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Monica Lozano 

“We were inspired to participate in JR’s TED Prize wish, and demonstrate our community’s commitment to recuperate peace in our city. We believe now is the right time to get the community involved in this type of global art project that can help heal the deep wounds that have been inflicted in this area of the world. We want to show the most beautiful characteristic of this place: its remarkable people. This project gives people a voice and the opportunity to show the positive side of this conflict‐ridden community that is so desperate to be heard.”

Monica Lozano is a Mexican American photographer born in El Paso, Texas and raised across the border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Her work is inspired by real stories of people’s courage, determination and strength, particularly those who have lived difficult experiences in border towns throughout the world. Following a BA in Visual Arts she worked as a graphic artist and commercial photographer for CBS Television. In 2008, Lozano received her Masters Degree in Photography in Madrid Spain where she produced Borders, a series selected for various international photo competitions and grants including the Air Dolomiti (Lufthansa) prize at the ITS#EIGHT competition in Italy. She just finished the Photo Global Residency at the School of Visual Arts in New York on a presidential scholarship. Lozano’s work has been exhibited in Italy, Spain, Germany, Mexico and the United States.



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Judith González Ham

I believe that the base of the Inside Out Project is empowering people´s ideals. I have witnessed and experienced a great deal of Mexican warmth, intelligence and capacity that is seldom forgotten by the news. I want to help people realize reality is what we make out of it, and I´m thankful for all the team that has helped us bring it to fruition. I hope this global action inspires other people to take individual action starting with a single thought. “

Currently an eager social entrepreneur, designer by fate and a full time curious cultural explorer. A polyglot that studied interior design in Spain but loves Mexico, talking to strangers and her explorations range from doing a short film, to merging artisan wine with design with a grant from the Economics bureau. Believes in genuine connection between people and disciplines as the primary source for creativity.