Bandung | Indonesia

Group Leaders : Kanika Metre  | Elise Luce

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Bandung_Kanika Metre

I’ m joining the global action “Be the Change” because our world is growing smaller everyday and we cannot afford not to work together–and because I firmly believe that everyone should have access to art!”


Kanika grew up in the San Francisco, California (USA) but is currently living and working in Bandung, Indonesia through a research fellowship from the Henry Luce Foundation. Her research in Indonesia focuses on innovative uses of mobile phones for social causes that target lower income groups in Indonesia. Whenever possible she likes to dabble in art and is a big fan of graffiti artists based in Jogjakarta and the music scene in Bandung. She recently finished her Master of Public Administration degree at the George Washington University during which time she also enjoyed teaching 18 freshmen girls each year about a variety of different women artists from around the world.


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Bandung_Elise Luce

There’s plenty of times an idea really resonates within you, an idea you think is going to shake-up the globe, but very few times that person turns around and gives you the chance to participate in a full scale project just like that—to change the world around you person by person, bit by bit. “


With a background in Environmental Studies and Anthropology, Elise has lived and studied throughout Latin America and the United States. She currently finds herself residing in Bandung, Indonesia for 13 months on a Fulbright World Music Research Grant—subject of research: Sundanese Karinding, a small bamboo Jew Harp that makes boing”y” sounds not so unlike the Australian Didgeridoo, but on a much smaller scale audibly. When not scheming to find meaningful employment with the aim of living in cool places, Elise can be found doing all sorts of cool things that usually revolve around art, whether it’s making music or low-fi video projects, to photo journaling about cultural intersections stumbled upon while traveling.