Casablanca | Morocco

Group Leaders:  Assia Elhoussame & Nezha Layyed

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Assia Elhoussame

Casablanca _Assia“I just want to be heard not only by my community but also by the entire world, all people are connected in some way or another so I cannot deny you’re existence neither you also I want to know those people to whom I am connected, and we all in this together so let’s Change the world and make it a better place.”

Assia Elhoussame was raised in many places all around Morocco because her father’s work, she was born in Beni mellal in 18 june 1992, and her origins are from a village near Settat city called “Wellad Said”, she is a student in her secondary year of preparatory classes (classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles) of economy she plans to finish her studies in France, ambitioned by Indian life style and associative work she is a member of many local and international associations and she used to act in many theater’s plays .

Assia had always want to be a journalist to change the world but her destiny didn’t meant to be as she want , and that do not stop her from using her economic knowledge and artistic skills to make this changes happen, she believe that art is the most powerful weapon to make a positive changes in the world.


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Nezha Laybed

Portrait“Create happiness is the only way to live peacefully, love everyone and the world going to change around you. Being part of Inside Out Project is an opportunity to share one vision for peace in this world.”

Nezha has a degree in finance and passionate by photography. She is an active citizen as she is involved in volunteer work to impact the community with new projects to learn, share knowledge, develop and keep the hope for a world to change positively. Integrity and respect are the most important values for her as she believes that only being right and correct toward the world that you will be rewarded back.