Seoul | Korea

Group leaders: Rachel Shires | Ariadna Rico

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Everyone strives to be the change they wish to see in the world, but too frequently we get sidetracked by the constant fear of failure. It’s easy to not participate in change, to give up before you’ve even begun. I want to share this project with others so they too will realize that although it is not always easy, anyone can make a difference for a more positive future. I want to be a part of this growth, and to show the beauty of a world that does not always seem beautiful.


Originally from Connecticut, Rachel moved to New York to pursue a degree in education with a concentration in sociology. After spending five years in the city, she decided to venture off the beaten path and move to Korea to teach. While in Asia, she realized it was a passion of hers to reach out and meet as many people as possible, to hear their stories, and to make it a lifelong goal to never lose that desire. She believes strongly in the power of human connections and in karma.


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 “Seoul is bursting with intriguing individuals. I want to shed the light on those living each day driven by purpose and intention. These portraits can be a celebration of the diversity of Seoulites and the trigger to being reminded that we are all one.” 

Ariadna has realized her passion for traveling by living in some of the most fascinating places in the world- Seoul, Paris, Austin, San Diego and the bordering Juarez/El Paso. Her Mexican origin and a love for the English language have heightened her multicultural senses and enthralled her from an early age to explore the experiences of humankind in different cultures and countries. Through the study of art, acting, film, writing and her passion to educate and empower individuals, Ariadna has had the opportunity to learn, teach and serve others across oceans. She is currently a Kindergarten English teacher in Seoul and an English/Spanish volunteer translator for Kiva.