New York , NY |USA

Group Leader Gina Steffe


Gina Steffe is a California native with European parents. She has lived all over the world and speaks English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. She graduated with honors from The New School in New York, and worked for international social and environmental organizations like Human Rights Watch, Global Exchange, The Pachamama Alliance and various others. After meeting at the Berlinale 2010, Gina was hired by acclaimed German film and commercial director Ralf Schmerberg to promote his documentary, PROBLEMA: Who are we in the 21st Century?. She organized 13 public screenings in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, recruiting sponsorship for each of them. In addition to the screenings, she distributed PROBLEMA to television stations and collaborated with partners on educational projects inspired by its concept. Through the Film PR, she met Corinne Weber and Yvonne Senouf of MELD, as well as another friend who introduced her to JR’s work. She was immediately fascinated with INSIDE OUT PROJECT, appreciating its simplicity, yet profound ability to convey human dignity and encourage respect across all imagined borders. Gina recently moved back to New York and was invited to lead the local action of this fabulous global art project. She is honored to join the INSIDE OUT PROJECT movement and help bring BE THE CHANGE to New York City.