Inside Out: Be The Change, Mexico

Previously we had already talked about the project Inside Out , directed by French artist JR . Last year, Monica Lozano managed to do in Ciudad Juarez, the biggest intervention in the history of Inside Out . Now, we present the global version of this initiative. Inside Out: BE THE CHANGE is an exchange of 500 photos in poster format from 17 countries and 25 cities . The photographs are pasted on the walls of the participating cities simultaneously on September 21 , International Day of Peace .

In Mexico, the national call to portray agents of change in all areas are open until¬†June 30¬†and is currently involved¬†13 states¬†.¬†In addition to portray, you ask people what to do small daily action to change Mexico.¬†The aim is to raise awareness of the power of influence and transformation of one’s environment so that we have, in the present moment, where you are.¬†The people behind Be The Change in Mexico is organizing photo sessions for getting on board more people.

To be part of the urban photography gallery portraits 8500 , each country has to send its 500 photos to be printed Headquarters with funds raised collectively. Mexico as a country involved in this initiative, we can see

the pictures on and overall project . Follow the facebook Inside Out Mexico and find out all the requirements to participate.

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